The +1 project is the evolution of transportation. Since the beginning of the 20th century the relationship between human and machine has become vital.  Some transportation means have become somewhat detached from their operators, namely cars. The addition of power steering, sound dampening, and creature comforts have isolated the driver from the machine. On the other hand, motorcycles are still maintaining their magical direct bond to driver.  As a result, riders are very passionate about their machines and experience direct thrills, unlike their driver counter parts.

This is the basis on which the +1 project builds upon. Motorcycle riders ride ON machine. What if they become the machine? What if they feel every turn, suspension travel, and momentum the machine takes? This will make the experience very personal and thrilling. The +1 project has been created to provide a new outdoor experience for the rider, not just designed for roads and cities. The +1 project ability to travel over rough terrain at high speeds and getting to places no other vehicle can, provides a completely new experience for riders.

The +1 project echoes the human body by having a spine and fully adjustable legs, which allows the rider to closely relate to the machine. It is a new body everyone can wear. The thrills and experience improve as the  operator learns the capabilities and limitations that the +1 project can provide and as the machine learns from its rider.

These factors resulted in the name of the project, which reflects a new species of transportation, one that is half human and half machine. The earth’s species count grew by one therefore +1.

So how about you take a ride?